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Internships are a great way to showcase skillset to employers. They provide with experience of how the industry works & functions. Working on a live project provides a cutting edge over the competitors as it adds up as a bonus to the resume. We here at InternWell provide interns with hands-on experience on the projects that we take up from SMEs under the mentorship of experts from our team. Based on the performance, the interns might also receive some stipend. We require the interns to have some basic know-how of the desired work before applying for, as the interns will get to worl real-life projects that we obtain from an enterprises. ...Furthermore, we have a dedicated team of experts who mentor and guide the interns working on the live projects. Our team members make sure that the projects are carved with perfection and delivered before the deadline. We require people who have good enough skills, have minimum experience, and can dedicate enough time to the company. InternWell in its starting stages will be providing experience and a great platform to develop your skills at the ease of your home. Interested? Drop us a message and we will look into it...

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Bring-in your Demands

Demands like building Apps & Websites for the SMEs.

Skillful Interns

Our dedicated interns are always ready to get your job done on time.

Social Responsibility

As a part of our initiative, we help the underprivileged stand on their feet.

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Our varied Digital Marketing services include Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Video Marketing and Online advertisements, etc. Through these services we will make sure that your outreach is as wide as possible.

This is the area of our expertise. We have the best mentors available to make great user-friendly websites that will attract customers for your products. Through SEO optimisation we will make sure that the website is displayed amongst the top ones of searches. InternWell also makes use of latest web development technologies like React to build dynamic websites. The cost of hosting will have to be borne by you and we will connect you with the best domain offering companies in the market. Websites can be later updated and we will also make regular maintenance checks and developments at an affordable rate. We build lifelong relations with our clients instead of contracts.

We offer never before prices for cross platform app development for your enterprises. Apps can be used for a variety of purposes. The portability of Apps is helping enterprises track production stats and resources faster than ever. Apps offer widespread connectivity and can establish a direct bridge between the customer and the enterprise.

Content Writers are in huge demand across the nation. It is one of the fastest growing roles in the modern industry’s scenario. The need of creative content is growing each day. Little knowledge of SEO and correct usage of language along with a hint of creativity goes a long way. You can also write content for our Tech Blog. Include a request for the same in your application if you wish to write for the blog.

This is yet another in demand role now-a-days. Companies pay a lot to active social media managers who can creatively manage the social media platform of the company. Social Media is the biggest weapon for a company to advertise and increase its outreach. This is a great skill to have in your resume.

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

--- Tim Notke

Towards Skilldom,
Your Kickstarter Initiative

InternWell brings to you TowardsSkilldom, an 18 – day online course that will help you shape your dreams into reality. The nation is currently on lockdown but don’t worry, the internet and electricity are still active. Many students wait for a time when no one will stop them from pursuing their passion. Well, now the time has come, the time has come to drift from that monotonous academic curriculum and learn something interesting, let’s not waste this time. TowardsSkilldom is a fun filled active course dedicated towards development of the skills that you can boast about. It includes interactive sessions from Prateek Narang – Cofounder Coding blocks, Dr. Manpreet Manna – Former Director AICTE and Founder of MHRD’s Swayam App, Blessin George – Google Cloud and ML facilitator and many more brains that will help you hone your skills. For a more detailed list, go to the “Speaker Details” section. There is a small commitment fee for this course that will be later provided to the organisations that are supporting the poor to recover from the aftermath of the CoVID-19 Pandemic.

The Course will be held over a time span of 18 days during the pandemic. More details about the schedule will be updated soon. The course will be conducted on “Zoom” platform. The assignments will be given through Google classroom (or) Slack. Any discussions and questions will be resolved through Whatsapp groups. There will be credits for attending the lectures of the topics you choose and you shall be eligible for a certificate and other perks if you have minimum number of required credits.

India’s 21 day lockdown might sound boring but hey, Newton invented Calculus and made ground-breaking discoveries during the The Great Plague. There will come a time when everyone will get back to their usual lives and we will continue with our boring monotonous routines. But, it would be great having upskilled during this pandemic so you can worry less about your skills and focus more on academics. Also you will be able to target upcoming competitions and will be able to work on projects once everything is back in place. You will finally be able possess the dual nature of an engineer – Academic excellence and a skilled competitor. You will also be able to crack internships in various top level companies by upgrading your skillset and will also be donating a little amount of to a gigantic cause.

InternWell has a dedicated team of creative students having experience in diverse fields ranging from Digital and Social Marketing strategies to Web and App development. InternWell has its own unique workflow. InternWell has the best human resources, the brightest minds that put all of their efforts to deliver the required project within the stipulated time. We believe in building lifetime relations instead of finding one-time customers for our services. We offer a great deal of services at an affordable price. We offer internships to undergraduate students who have minimum skills required to develop and deploy applications related to the projects that we handle. We also offer freelance services. InternWell also spends about 20% of its income towards improvement of the technical skills of the underprivileged thus helping them find employment.

"Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardour and attended to with deligence"

--- Abigail Adams

Limitless Learning,
Limitless Possibilities

We hire undergrads as interns who will work under the guidance of an expert so that we can harbour different ideas and also our experienced team members will make sure that the task is accomplished within the stipulated time as expected by you.
Dive deep into the services and business solutions we offer by clicking on the tabs below. Select the services you like and contact us for a quote:

– No, you have the option to select the modules you wish to learn. However you must select them such that you fulfil the minimum credit criteria.

You only have to pay the fee once and can select any number of modules. But please select only those modules whose sessions you will surely attend.

There is a small commitment fee which will be donated to the weaker sections of the society once the pandemic ends.

The course will be for 18 days but it can be lesser depending on the sessions of your module.

You will have to attend a minimum number of sessions to be eligible for that module’s completion.

You will receive certificates provided you have attained the minimum number of credits in the course.

We will be dividing the time judiciously to keep each session as short as possible but depending on the module’s syllabus the session can last upto one and a half hour.

“There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.”

--- Anonymous

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